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Company Culture
VALOGIN¡¯s core ideas: ¡°3-core 6-idea¡±, 3-core: employee, company, product; 6-idea: service, quality, innovation, talent, team, safety.
VALOGIN¡¯s culture idea graph:

Mission: provide customers all over the world with complete plumbing system solution.
The mission is the fundamental purpose for existence and development of VALOGIN and the basic guidance idea, principle and direction for operation and management of VALOGIN.
Vision: devoted to being the leader of global plumbing industry.
The vision is the striving direction of VALOGIN people, lofty ideal of every VALOGIN people, and the mental strength for guiding all work.
Core value: perfect integration of employee, company and product.
The core value is the unremitting and long-standing belief of VALOGIN during her development, the faith pillar and basic method for realizing vision and mission, the attitude for VALOGIN to deal with social relations, and the footstone for enterprise culture.
Functional idea:
Service¡ªexcellent quality, on-time delivery, favorable price, perfect service
Quality¡ªprocess, standardization, refinement and branding
Innovation¡ªmarket innovation, management innovation, technical innovation, equipment innovation
Talent¡ªthe sea refuses no river; give full scope to the talents, cultivate talents in accordance of their aptitude, retain talents wholeheartedly
Team¡ªcultivate a ambitious wolf team
Safety¡ªmake safety behavior a habit
The six functional ideas are guidance ideas and values for VALOGIN to carry out work.

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